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5 Reasons Why Uponor’s Q&E Plumbing System Design Cares About Water

Picking the right plumbing system design matters now more than ever. The dangers of using outdated pipe systems to supply safe water to buildings are dramatically increased when cutting back on costs and quality just to save.

But, what are you actually saving on in the long run?

As engineers, knowing what the most affordable, effective, easy to install plumbing system that checks all of the safety boxes is can help you work within the confines of a given project, its timeline, water needs, and most importantly, its budget.

There is no need to compromise on quality.

In this infographic, we’ll walk you through Uponor’s Q&E plumbing system and list the top 5 reasons it cares about water (and why you should be considering it for your next project).

uponors q&e plumbing system design


Even though traditional metal pipes are commonly used in residential buildings, there’s another, safer way to go about your business.

Water wise engineers who care about the health and welfare of building occupants should remember the following when considering Uponor’s PEX pipe and Q&E System:

  • Fewer joints means lower risk of leaks and water waste
  • Pipe contracts onto the fitting forming a strong seal
  • No soldering flux means no chance of toxic leaching
  • Flexible piping means fewer joints (and fewer leaks)
  • Low risk of pipe corrosion with PE-Xa pipes
  • BONUS BENEFIT: Costs of PE-Xa pipe are one-third lower than copper and less costly to install



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