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Safer water with Uponor’s PPM manifolds and our auto shut off valve

Are you looking for an automated water safety system for your next building project?

Finding the right system that checks all of the boxes can be complicated, but it does not need to be.

Learn about Uponor’s PPM manifolds and how integration with our auto shut off valve makes for a more streamlined solution that offers flexibility, promises water safety and easier installation.

Today, engineers choose from two options when installing a manifold in a home or business:

1) a copper, bronze or brass system, or

2) a PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) system

The latter is considered the ideal option for modern construction due to corrosion resistance. Manifolds offer a critical service to the system, being the control mechanism for hot and cold water to the building.

Plastic manifolds are popular for many reasons, and Uponor’s PPM manifold is one example of why plastic manifolds are now the gold standard choice for engineers. Along with Uponor’s waterguard, it’s a system that presents many unique advantages over other conventional plumbing systems:


10 Advantages of the Uponor PPM Manifolds

  1.    Fewer fittings mean fewer pressure drops in the line
  2.    Plastic manifolds are resistant to corrosion
  3.    PEX piping is a better insulator than copper
  4.    Flexible pipes are quieter than metallic pipes
  5.    Turning off the supply is easier from one location
  6.    Uponor’s PPM manifold system can be increased to accommodate commercial applications
  7.    Due to the PEX system, there is little likelihood of burst pipes
  8.    Used in conjunction with the Uponor Aqua PLUS Waterguard, there is greater water safety.
  9.    Leak control is stronger with the PPM manifold
  10.    Overall less water wastage


When to Use the PPM Manifold


Most modern residences utilise at least one manifold. For larger homes or businesses, there may be several. Multi-unit homes, like those found in large urban centres, utilise many manifolds including one large manifold that controls the building’s water supply. For residents, the lack of control over manual or automatic water shut off to their unit can be troubling.

For new builds, the PPM manifold is easily installed within a cabinet in a hallway or room where the hot and cold water outlets can be fitted. At this point, water shut off valves should be installed. For manual valves, there should be enough room to close the valves. Unused ports are capped if necessary. The PEX is then run to desired locations and appliances throughout the building.

Existing structures benefit from a PPM manifold retrofit. If a re-piping is needed throughout the home, this is an excellent time to install the Uponor PPM manifold. Cabinets seamlessly integrate into the design of the home. For the most part, it’s unassuming and can be painted to match the room’s decor.

Uponor’s PPM manifold puts everything in one accessible location that allows for simple water shut off. Although manual water shut off valves are the most common in use they are not ideal. Uponor’s Aqua PLUS Waterguard offers more than your typical water shut off system. Together with the PPM manifold it provides unparalleled protection from water damage and contamination.


Benefits of the Uponor PPM Manifold in Conjunction with Automatic Shut Off Valves


Having automated water shut off capabilities in a home or business is not only convenient, but it’s crucial to safety. Giving residents control over water access into their home helps to protect them from leaks and stagnant water while they are away.

The PPM manifold allows all the main plumbing to convene in one, easy-to-access location. Then, Uponor’s Aqua PLUS Waterguard system can be installed to detect leaks at key points in the building.


The Uponor Aqua PLUS Waterguard System


Our auto shut off valve system is made up of the following components:

  1.    One Valve Set & Two Solenoid Auto Shut Off Valve Set: Solenoid valves are manufactured from plastic. They are 12V aliminted to avoid any risk of electrical shock to the installation team or end-users.
  2.    Control Panel: Engineers mount the control panel on a wall with a traditional electric box. The panel consists of one large button and a control module with settings of “off”, “on”, “delay” and “reset.”
  3.    Sensor: The Aqua PLUS Waterguard sensors are wireless. Place them in strategic areas throughout the home or business. Common areas include under the kitchen sink or washing machine. Sensors need two AA batteries for operation, enough for five years of use.
  4.    Connection Box: The connection box is installed within the cabinet with the PPM manifold. It joins the valves, control panel, and sensor wire together. If power is lost, the user can manually control the valves.

Installation of the PPM manifold with the Waterguard system requires both a plumber and electrician. The installation consists of valve assembly, control panel installation, connection box installation, and sensor placement. The sleek box where everything is contained gives end-users easy access to their home’s main water shut off.


Water Safety and Conservancy with the PPM Manifold and Aqua PLUS Waterguard

In an effort to control water conservancy, Hong Kong’s Water Supplies Department has led initiatives to educate citizens and business owners on installing water saving devices including efficient shower heads and washing machines. But, another big issue the state encounters is water leakage. Large, multi-unit buildings where most residents live and work are plagued by leaky systems.

According to China Dialogue, “Despite being one of the world’s richest cities, its annual loss of water from leakage and theft is a whopping 32.5% of total production, or 321 million cubic metres (m3).”

Uponor’s PPM manifold and Aqua PLUS Waterguard offers a solution to this state-wide problem.

In terms of water safety, Uponor’s systems were created with Norwegian tap water regulations in mind. These stringent rules require residents to turn water valves off to cut supply to the home while residents are away. This means less water in pipes, leaching harmful heavy metals, and it means less likelihood of burst pipes. It’s a boon for consumers and insurance companies alike.


The Bottom Line


Uponor’s PPM manifold and Aqua PLUS Waterguard offer more than your typical water shut off valve. Engineers benefit from the ease of installation and flexibility. For those committed to water safety, it’s currently the only option on the market offering innovative auto shut off valves that support the structure while the consumer is away.



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