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The Heart of An Effective Underfloor Heating & Cooling Project: The Manifold

In an intricate piping system, there is a critical component that performs regulation and distribution for the entire circulation system: the manifold.

If we say an underfloor heating and cooling system is like a human’s cardiovascular system, then the manifold is like one’s heart.

That’s how crucial a manifold is.

Let’s take a look at an instance where Uponor’s UBC Brass Manifold was chosen for a high-profile project in China, and 4 exceptional manifold products from Uponor.

Manifolds: The Hub of Every Radiant Heating and Cooling System

A manifold is a device connecting water pipes in an underfloor heating and cooling system.

As the hub of the underfloor heating and cooling system, the manifold is responsible for distributing and collecting the heat medium and regulating the flow of each loop.

The quality of the manifold directly affects the operation performance of the whole system.

This includes the effectiveness of heating and cooling, and it even determines the lifetime of the underfloor heating and cooling system.

Therefore, the selection of products is a critical question that owners should think carefully about.

Uponor is a leading international provider of plastic based piping systems for safe drinking water delivery systems and energy-efficient radiant heating solutions.

We provide high-quality, diversified and cost-effective manifolds which can be used to different design from single-family homes to complex solutions for large industrial buildings.


Uponor’s UBC Manifold: A Solution for Large Residential Structures

Recently, Uponor cooperated with China Overseas – 南昌中海豪庭置业发展有限公司 – for two of their large-scale residential projects:

– Huan Yu Tian Xia (中海·寰宇天下)

– Yang Guang Mei Gui Yuan (中海·阳光玫瑰园)

Uponor will be providing the UBC Brass Manifold for the underfloor heating system in the almost 1000 unit residence.

The two projects are expected to be completed by May 2019.

The Uponor UBC Manifold is made from high-quality brass and specifically designed for residential applications.

Builders benefit from high reliability and ease of installation.

Designed with a modular concept, the UBC Manifold is scalable for large projects like Huan Yu Tian Xia and Yang Guang Mei Gui Yuan.

Compact dimensions, expansion options, and a comprehensive range of accessories positions Uponor’s UBC Manifold products as the best options for large-scale projects like these.

“Uponor is a 100-year-old company with good brand influence in China, and even in Asia. No matter the complete product line or the high-end product quality are the factors that we trust.” The owner said.

Indeed, with the emergence of more competitors, underfloor heating and cooling products of lesser quality have also surfaced on the market.

Products which are not up to standard and unreliable cause many hidden dangers and add risk to the user.

Uponor works hard to constantly improve the product line to meet builder and consumer expectations.

As a leading international provider and a listed company, no matter the main product line or auxiliary material, Uponor is confident our products can withstand the rigors of the industry in all aspects of technology.

The launch of the Nanchang real estate project is another opportunity to see Uponor’s product quality and efficiency.


4 Exceptional Manifold Products from Uponor


Efficient cooling and heating depend heavily on how water is distributed throughout a building and at the desired temperature.

Uponor provides a variety of manifolds designed for every kind of building structure: from single family homes to industrial complexes.

Uponor UBC Brass Manifold

UBC Manifold is made with a unibody forging process and consists of flexible modules of 2-8 loops and corresponding fill/drain/ventilation sets or primary connection sets.

Uponor Vario S Stainless Steel Manifold

A compact distribution unit which consists of two bars made from special stainless steel with integrated valves. The supply line has an option of coming with flat sealing supply with lockshield valve for balancing and shut off with return valves and caps for actuators. Another option is with integrated air vents and fill and drain points in supply and return.

Uponor Vario M Plastic Manifold

The robust plastic distributor made of fibre glass-reinforced polyamide is flexible. Integrated valves facilitate fast on-site installation. This allows the heating system to be connected quickly and guarantees simple, efficient operation.

Uponor Magna Industrial Manifold

The Magna industrial distribution unit from Uponor is easy and practical to install because the modular design means that the right distribution solution can be constructed from separate distribution blocks for a wide range of requirements and building types. This is the perfect solution for industrial applications.

For engineers and builders looking for the best radiant heating and cooling manifolds available on the market today, look no further than Uponor.


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