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9 Reasons Why Uponor’s Smart Thermostats & Climate Controllers Improve Home Comfort

When home dwellers are too hot or too cold, their health and well-being fluctuate.

The goal is stasis: feeling neither too hot nor too cold.

That is achieved through proper control of temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Each must be in balance with the other in order to find the comfortable “sweet spot.”

Although controlling indoor climates involves a variety of systems, for homeowners, it comes down to thermostats and climate controllers.

Learn about Uponor’s Smatrix line and discover 9 reasons why our Smatrix products promise optimal home comfort and indoor climate control like nothing before.


Uponor Smatrix Line


The Smatrix line of products control radiant heating and cooling in one simple unit. Each home has its own needs and requirements, and Uponor has developed a line of products that makes home climate control easy.


Smatrix Base


The Smatrix Base is a room temperature control system that requires minimum maintenance. Easily control underfloor heating and cooling with this flexible, modular system.


Smatrix Base PRO


Control temperatures in different areas with only one system. The touchscreen features a user-friendly menu for multi-room control from one location.


Smatrix Move PRO


This flexible multi-zone supply water controller scales to homes of very size. Smatrix Move PRO features one controller for two different applications: heating only OR heating & cooling.


Smatrix Wave


For wireless needs, the Smatrix Wave is what you’re looking for. The Smatrix Wave controls underfloor heating, cooling and radiators. No wiring is needed and ideal for new home installation.

Let’s talk about what makes Smatrix products perfect for home comfort control


1. One Point of Contact

Uponor smatrix phone app

Ninety percent of a person’s time is spent indoors.

So, shouldn’t more attention be given to improving a space’s thermal comfort for dwellers?

It’s not only about what heating and cooling systems are involved.

It’s about control and the convenience of it.

Today, there are many household products on the market that integrate all systems into one.

For instance, security alarms, indoor temperature, ventilation, and more are increasingly offered on one single network.

The Smatrix Base PRO is no different.

One point of contact for climate control is ideal for homeowners looking to achieve thermal comfort and energy efficiency without all of the effort.

Climate control with the Smatrix Base PRO is in the hands of the user with a little help from Uponor’s smart technology.

Homeowners can closely monitor their home’s performance in order to make changes that translate into real savings.

What’s more convenient is that most changes to the climate using the Smatrix Base PRO is automatic.


2. Scalable Climate Control System

uponor smatrix thermostat

One bedroom apartments to large homes benefit from Smatrix Base PRO.

The easy-to-install system can accommodate up to 192 rooms.

The Smatrix Base PRO fully integrates into any radiant heating and cooling system.

It’s self-learning and able to autobalance a home’s climate.

This means the system anticipates and makes adjustments to the precise amount of energy needed to secure a dweller’s thermal comfort.

The Smatrix Base PRO covers all zones and rooms of the home.


3. Multi-zone Indoor and Outdoor Use


The Smatrix Base PRO can be used alone or in conjunction with more Smatrix products depending on the size of the home.

Special sensors are installed throughout the home that enable control of heating, cooling and even snow melt zones outside.

The system’s self-learning algorithms autobalance and respond to each room’s needs separately.

Controlling all aspects of a home’s climate and energy expenditure has never been so simple.


4. Collective Monitoring = Big Data Benefits


Monitoring your home gives you data trends to improve your home’s climate.

People think that big data is only for large, commercial buildings.

New tech products for home use is proving that completely wrong.

Uponor Smatrix Base product family

Insights into a home’s energy efficiency and indoor climate conditions benefits homeowners by:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Providing complete transparency to adjust comfort levels
  • Anticipating failures and needed maintenance


5. Influences Design Freedom


Owners, architects, engineers and designers can easily integrate climate management with the Smatrix range.

The design process does include climate considerations, however, designing a healthy home presents a variety of problems.

Every home is different.

Uponor Smatrix

Structural differences, location, size, and other factors influence a building’s ability to maintain a desirable temperature.

In the 2000 paper, “IAQ in Designing a Healthy Building,” authors John D. Spengler and Qingyan (Yan) Chen anticipated this trend toward using technology to build a better space:

“In the future, occupant-specific and highly responsive systems will become the norm. Natural ventilation, displacement ventilation, microzoning with subfloor plenums, along with the use of point of source heat control and point of use sensors, will evolve to create a “smart” responsive ventilation-building dynamic system.”

This describes the Smatrix range aptly.

In terms of aesthetics, all of the Smatrix products require fewer wires for clean, streamlined installation.

The easy-to-use interface displays autobalancing technology that allows dwellers to monitor the system’s productivity.


6. Versatile Water Supply Controller Option


There’s more to the Smatrix line of products from Uponor than just the Base PRO. 

The Smatrix Move PRO is a flexible and versatile multi-zone supply water controller.

Smatrix Move Family

Its uses are diverse, covering radiant heating and cooling for indoors and outdoors with use of only one controller.

Features of the Smatrix Move PRO:

  • Management of up to 4 heating zones or 3 heating & cooling zones
  • Management of up to 2 snowmelt zones in one controller
  • Use as stand-alone or in combination with Uponor Smatrix Base PRO


7. Lower Energy Costs & Increased Transparency


Uponor’s Smatrix Base PRO uses 12 percent less energy than your average home thermostat.

This saves on heating and cooling costs.

The autobalancing feature of the Smatrix Base PRO means homeowners don’t have to work so hard to find the right settings to optimise their own comfort while keeping energy costs low.

Data gathered by the system gives transparency to the process.

The user is better informed as a result.


8. Improved IAQ


Poor indoor air quality is associated with a variety of health issues.

From fatigued to chronic lung disease, home dwellers potentially risk their health when indoor air quality isn’t considered.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Estimates of performance losses from poor indoor air quality for all buildings suggest a 2-4% loss on average.

Although that number seems to impact offices and schools more significantly, an argument can be made that this is just as important in a home environment, where families should be thriving.

Does the Smatrix range alone solve IAQ issues?

No, but, it is an important part of a multi-layered solution to the problem of poor IAQ.

Along with a radiant heating and cooling, as well as proper ventilation, the Smatrix range leverages those mechanisms for better IAQ.


9. A Greener Solution for Home Climate Control


The Smatrix range uses energy wisely.

The smart algorithm learns what zones and rooms require what type of heating, cooling or ventilation.

As the systems becomes more sophisticated, less and less energy is used to maintain stasis within the home.

Less energy means less power usage and less impact on the environment.


The Right Climate Controller for the Conscientious Homeowner


Uponor understood the need for an effective, all-in-one climate control system.

The Smatrix range answers the call for smarter, better home temperature control that upholds the ideals of convenience, health and comfort.

Here’s a quick summary of system benefits:

  • Fewer wires with more comfort
  • Autobalancing technology for continued efficiency
  • Fits a variety of home sizes
  • Simple installation and design
  • Touch screen interface for one-point access
  • Easy integration with climate controllers in our Smatrix range
  • Energy savings
  • Savings on utilities
  • Improved IAQ and dweller health
  • Unparalleled thermal comfort

As you can see,  any one of our products in the Smatrix range is the ideal climate controller for residences of all sizes.

It’s clearly the best choice for conscientious homeowners who prioritise thermal comfort and energy savings.



Learn more about the Smatrix line here!

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