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Make your building’s radiant cooling and heating ‘SMART’ with Uponor’s Smatrix PRO

Even with the best HVAC or radiant cooling and heating systems in place, there is the challenge of temperature control.


Climate is variable. It’s that simple.

Therefore, internal temperatures vary.

Internal factors matter too.

A building’s structure, purpose and shape all influence the type of temperature control system needed for optimal efficiency.

Today’s market offers a variety of wireless thermostats and hardwired environmental systems.

During design it’s important to implement a level of control that follows through with a building’s energy use and IAQ goals.

It’s up to engineers, builders and designers to find the system that works best.

In this post we’ll discuss how the success of radiant cooling and heating systems depend upon proper temperature control, and how Uponor’s Smatrix PRO rises to the challenge that fluctuations in weather conditions bring.


Choosing the Right Temperature Control System


There are environmental and internal factors that impact temperature within a building.

Weather conditions aren’t static.

From season to season and day to day, temperature, sunlight, humidity, and occupancy rate vary, and building systems need to react to those changes in real time.


Facilities require different climate control depending on their function.

For instance, a manufacturing facility requires different ventilation than a hospital.

The location and placement of the building matters as do differences in exposure, structure, shapes and usage of building zones which require unique solutions.

Climate conditions should be considered as part of every design process, but there can be challenges that arise when planning.

What is certain is that buildings need intelligent control that can respond and adapt to those needs.

Uponor’s Smatrix PRO is the solution to this challenge.


Commercial Building Temperature Management Made Easy


The Smatrix Base PRO and Move PRO are easy to set up and operate.

The solution is scalable for varying building sizes.

From one to 192 rooms, Smatrix PRO does it all:

  • multi-room control
  • water supply temperature control
  • snow and ice melting

Smatrix PRO is the perfect climate controller for a commercial building.

In one system, you’re able to control many areas with varying temperatures.

The touchscreen features a user-friendly menu design for a highly intuitive experience. The system uses a self-learning algorithm that allows it to automatically respond to the needs of each room.

One unified system helps businesses reduce energy costs, create awareness and promote green energy consumption.


Smatrix Base PRO


This flexible and scalable multi-room controller is wired to control underfloor heating and cooling.


Smatrix Base PRO Features


  • Fits different scenarios covering commercial applications, from 1 to 16 controllers in a complete system
  • Autobalancing ensures simple installation, set-up and usage
  • Touchscreen interface for single point of access and easy configuration of advanced features
  • KNX integration through a gateway
  • Compatible with KNX room control devices
  • Complete integration with Smatrix Move PRO controller


Smatrix Base PRO System Components


  • Interface I-147 Bus
  • Controller X-147 Bus 6X
  • Control set X-147 + I-147 Bus 6X
  • Gateway module R-147 KNX
  • Condensation set S-159
  • Thermostat D+RH
  • T-147 Bus

Smatrix Move 



The Smatrix Move is a multi-zone water supply controller, and it’s perfect for use with radiant cooling and heating for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The SD cards inserted allow users to utilise one of two functions: heating only or heating and cooling.


Smatrix Move Features


  • Management of up to 4 heating zones or 3 heating and cooling zones
  • Management of up to 2 snowmelt zones in one controller
  • Operation as stand-alone or in combination with Uponor Smatrix Base PRO
  • Integration in BMS via Modbus interface
  • Easy system setup with step by step wizard function


Smatrix Base PRO System Components


  • Controller X-159
  • Snow Sensor S-158
  • Snow melt set S-152 + S-158
  • Room sensor S-155
  • Humidity sensor S-157

Big Data Leads to Better Temperature Control


The internet of things, or IoT, isn’t just another tech buzzword.

It’s an essential component to any modern climate control system.

Everything is connected, wirelessly or otherwise, to create a vast network of working machines that streamlines processes.

Modern buildings are no different.

The Smatrix PRO system utilises collective monitoring that collects data related to alarms, ventilation, indoor temperature, humidity and more.

A single data hub collects all the data.

Why does a building management system need to collect data?

Because performance can’t be tracked or improved upon without the data to support changes, and rightly so.

Trial and error troubleshooting is a thing of the past.

Today, engineers can manually make educated changes from data or rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to do it automatically.


Collective monitoring is necessary for this reason and others.

Advanced analytics helps engineers understand building performance better. Over time trends and patterns appear, correlations come forward and events take place that give users a baseline of performance.

Data identifies areas for preventative maintenance.

Potential issues are more easily detected with continuous monitoring.

For budgets, data may reveal future operating costs or be sold to research bodies or public policy groups.

Data can always be leveraged to improve energy efficiency and cut costs.

Smart buildings are the next big thing in the building industry.

Smatrix PRO is Uponor’s answer to this trend.


Smatrix Case Use For Private & Commercial Properties


The Smatrix Base PRO was installed in the Shanghai Zhonghai Ziyu Villa.

Temperature and humidity sensors were applies throughout the structure.

When the room temperature reaches the set value, Uponor’s Smatrix Base PRO sends a command to turn off the actuator at the manifold and vice versa.

The result of this project?

Smart monitoring with one point of contact for easy climate control.

Successful commercial use of the Smatrix Base PRO is exemplified in the Uponor Taicang production factory and offices.


Uponor Smatrix Base Pro provides thermal comfort in each room as well as the highest energy savings.

In a commercial environment, proper climate control is crucial and it helps owners save on all fronts.

Next, we’ll discuss the health and costs savings associated with good IAQ.


Health Benefits & Cost Savings is Just Good Business


In commercial business buildings, IAQ and optimal thermal comfort mean good business for a variety of reasons.

People spend upwards of 90 percent of their time indoors.

Studies from the US Environmental Protection Agency have shown that pollution indoors can often exceed that of outdoor air.

And that matters.

Poor IAQ is a public health risk that can no longer be overlooked in building design.

Pollutants contaminating indoor air increase the risk of disease and illness among occupants. This leads to more absenteeism and less productivity.

The EPA estimates that poor IAQ costs the US tens of billions of dollars per year in medical costs and lost time.

One popular study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and Helsinki University of Technology states, “Higher ventilation rates are associated with improved health and better work and school performance. Removal of pollutant sources is associated with improved work performance, at least in some cases. Indoor temperatures in the 21 to 22 Celsius range are associated with maximum overall work and school performance.”

Long term health effects of exposure to polluted indoor air leads to severely debilitating diseases including cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

Uponor created the Smatrix PRO line to improve indoor climate control, thereby improving business productivity and the overall health of occupants.

Maintaining good IAQ upholds corporate ethical obligations, and it’s just good business.


The Bottom Line


You can’t reach optimal efficiency without smart monitoring technology.

That’s where Uponor’s Smatrix PRO products come in.

Let’s review the main benefits of Smatrix PRO products:

  • Reduced energy costs with increased transparency of building efficiencies
  • One easy-to-use point of contact
  • One climate controller for various building types
  • Smart, data-driven monitoring technology that improves outcomes

System features are unparalleled with other climate controllers.

For wired room temperature controls:

  • Autobalancing for simple installation and usage
  • Scalable solution for up to 192 individual rooms
  • Relative humidity for exceptional dew-point management
  • Room and supply water temperature sensors
  • Integration with building management systems like Modbus, Uponor systems, or KNX

Smatrix PRO is the right choice for owners, planners, architects and designers looking to create better environments in commercial buildings the smart way.

Let us know your thoughts!

How has the emergence of the IoT and big data impacted your life/work?

Where do you see this technology improving in the next few years?

Leave us a comment below.


Click here to learn more about Uponor’s Smatrix PRO line


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