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New Water Saving Technology That Puts a Timely Stop To Leakage Issues

With major metropolitan areas the likes of drought stricken Cape Town, South Africa (currently under water restrictions of 50L per person daily), and Hong Kong – cited as being more naturally water scarce than parts of the Middle East and Africa – the effective management of depleting water resources and prevention of wastage ranks among the most pressing issues our species faces in the 21st Century.

According to an article published by South China Morning Post, a total of 321 million cubic meters of Hong Kong’s total water production is estimated to be lost to water leakage and theft every year, costing the city HK$35 billion (US$17.2 billion) annually.

Addressing wastage of this magnitude requires the most innovative water saving technology, and Uponor is no exception!


Introducing Uponor’s Phyn Plus Smart Water System


Together with its partner Belkin International, Uponor has invested countless hours and millions of dollars in the newest smart water technology for homes that directly addresses the heart of water wastage issues:

The plumbing.

The Phyn Plus Smart Water System presents a comprehensive solution for building tenants and home owners that monitors the entire home’s plumbing system looking for leaks.

By using patented, high-definition pressure wave sensing technology, Phyn Plus is able to alert users the second a leak is detected.


Key features include:


  • Notifications via SMS or to the integrated app when a leak is detected
  • Remote water control from anywhere in the world through cellular/wifi connection
  • Monitors pressure and flow to detect leaks/pinhole leaks
  • Automatic shutoff of water system in the event of a catastrophic leak
  • Automatic shutoff of water system in the event of a small leak following no response from the homeowner
  • Professional installation from the Uponor Pro Squad
  • Provides a direct line for homeowners to contact their Uponor pro plumber when there is an issue

With Phyn Plus home owners have more control over the water supply in their homes, helping them effectively mitigate costly damage through an automatic system shutoff that diagnoses potential problems before they become an issue.




We’re pleased to announce that Phyn Plus will be launching in the States April 2018. For more on this exciting water saving technology, please visit our website here.


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