Energy Saving, Sustainable Building

How To Build A Sustainable Office Space

With increasing green incentives and more government regulations on greening initiatives, green building is becoming a norm, especially in Asia.

Here are some holistic concepts that you can use for the generation, distribution and transmission of energy for a sustainable office space:

  • Connect all the buildings in your office space with pre-insulated local heat distribution pipes for heating and hot domestic tap water. This technique combines excellent heat loss performance with high flexibility. This results in efficient energy distribution.Center for Virtual Engineering
  • Use a simultaneous heating and cooling energy supply.Use plug and play machines with integrated system hydraulics and controls for customised energy concepts, that are best suited to your office needs. The controls allow you to pay for what you use and is an economical option.
  • Efficient and safe supply of domestic hot water and energy – use on demand hot water generation system, which helps to prevent legionella and helps reduce heat loss and temperature levels in the installation.
  • No noise from soil and waste – there are a few modern silent soil and waste pipe systems on the market, they combine innovative technology with sound insulation, for a noise free working environment.
    CA Office
  • Radiant ceilings for energy efficient and comfortable room temperatures – for concrete buildings, utilise the concrete’s thermal mass in the building’s structure for heating and cooling. The concrete surface activation can be extended with a thermal socket that enables cooling and heating elements to be suspended directly from the concrete ceiling to cover peak loads. Use a central controller for multiple temperature zones so that everyone can choose their ideal temperature.
  • Increased safety for outdoor areas– use reliable snow and ice melt systems for outdoor areas like driveways, emergency access roads, parking spaces and pedestrian areas. This solves the problem without time-consuming and expensive snow removal and salting, and makes it safer for employees.

The benefits of using the systems and techniques above are countless, here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Up to 30% lower hot water costs
  • Continuous legionella prevention
  • Invisible modern systems for any interior design
  • Customised energy concept for lowest running costs
  • Up to 50% lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Compliant with sustainability certificates for buildings (for example LEED, BREEAM and DGNB)
  • Prefab and turn-key solutions for a more efficient construction process
  • Complete solution from one supplier reducing interface complexities
  • Higher value of the building

With the multiple ways for generation, distribution and transmission of energy for a sustainable office space, employees will be able to work in a safe and more comfortable environment whilst the company will achieve cost reductions and will comply with the many green regulations out there.



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