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Why does a radiant heating system matter to green construction?

Sustainability takes on a multi-faceted meaning where it relates to construction. From construction materials and location selection to heating systems and interior design, sustainable choices are numerous.

The reasons for choosing sustainable construction practices are equally complex. From consumer expectations to corporate social responsibility, people are considering the impact of construction projects.

Today we’ll discuss why green construction matters and how a Uponor radiant heating system contributes to a sustainable construction project.


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Sustainable Building

How Asia is Leading the Way in the Green Building Revolution

In what was only a short blip-on-the-timescale ago, the Industrial Revolution changed everything about the built environment and resulted in a global tidal wave of heightened building activity.

Only a short time later and we are now seeing another revolution in the built environment, albeit a more important one for the times we are living in.

The sustainable building revolution now has the means and power to remedy the negative environmental impacts that came with the onslaught of Industrial Revolution building activity.

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Sustainable Building

Green Building Principles Your Architect Should Tell You About

In order to successfully deliver any project, architects must scrutinize every detail of their projects, from concept to completion. Keeping the client informed and up-to-date on every aspect of the project and asking the right questions to keep the project on track is crucial.

Managing the client’s expectations while also driving the project vision and achieving the desired result is no small feat. Clients need to understand the green building principles that will influence their building and how the projects will ultimately achieve its sustainability goals. This article explores the green building principles that architects need to tell their clients about when building a green building. Continue reading

Sustainable Building

Green Building Design and Green Building Activity in South East Asia

Over the last decade South East Asia has seen significant acceleration in the adoption of sustainable construction and green building design practices. Concerns around environmental degradation and notional energy security have provided countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with enough incentive to establish their own set of sustainability principles.

This is evident when looking back to 2002, the World Green Business Council (WGBC), was established with 8 members none of which were from Asia. By 2014, a total of 100 nations has signed up, 18 of which are from the Asia Pacific region.

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The Benefits of Using a Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS), is defined by the ASHRAE Journal as a system which uses separate equipment to condition all outdoor air (OA) brought into a building for ventilation, delivered to each occupied space, either directly or in conjunction with local space or central (zoned) HVAC units serving those same spaces. The local or central HVAC units are used to maintain space temperature setpoint requirements.
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Radiant Cooling Solutions Are Pushing Sustainability in India

Radiant cooling solutions provide a superior thermal environment for living and working at an optimized cost. These low-energy cooling solutions are ideal for the use of renewable energy sources and help reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

In recent years India has seen an increased focus on sustainability. In order to achieve sustainability goals many designers and engineers have turned to radiant cooling.

In this article, we take a quick look at 3 of these projects.

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8 Reasons Why Green Buildings Need to Use Radiant Cooling Rollout Mats

In January 2009, a supercentre retail chain opened its first environmental demonstration store. The new concept store uses about 60% less energy than the company’s typical supercentre store and reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 141 tons (metric tons).

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Green Building, HVAC Systems, Radiant Cooling, Sustainable Building

HVAC Solution Trends for Green Buildings

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC) have always been a major consideration for engineers who sought to find ways to increase occupants comfort levels. The main determination of how HVAC systems have been designed over the last few decades have come down to two main factors, energy costs, and technological advances. In this post, we look at 3 current trends in HVAC design from thermal comfort strategies to decoupling ventilation from heating and cooling and indirect evaporative cooling.

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