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The Heart of An Effective Underfloor Heating & Cooling Project: The Manifold

In an intricate piping system, there is a critical component that performs regulation and distribution for the entire circulation system: the manifold.

If we say an underfloor heating and cooling system is like a human’s cardiovascular system, then the manifold is like one’s heart.

That’s how crucial a manifold is.

Let’s take a look at an instance where Uponor’s UBC Brass Manifold was chosen for a high-profile project in China, and 4 exceptional manifold products from Uponor. Continue reading

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Flexible Plumbing Pipes & Clean Water: The Case for PE-Xa Pipes

Are you a water-wise engineer considering flexible plumbing pipes and a holistic system that promotes water safety?

If Hong Kong’s 2015 water safety scare taught us anything, it’s that plumbing system design and its components matter.

Discover why Uponor’s PE-Xa pipes are undoubtedly the industry choice for a highly efficient plumbing system and safer water now and into the future.

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Safer water with Uponor’s PPM manifolds and our auto shut off valve

Are you looking for an automated water safety system for your next building project?

Finding the right system that checks all of the boxes can be complicated, but it does not need to be.

Learn about Uponor’s PPM manifolds and how integration with our auto shut off valve makes for a more streamlined solution that offers flexibility, promises water safety and easier installation.

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