International Building Codes, Sustainable Design, Ventilation

Why Are Ventilation Codes Important For Sustainability, Especially in Asia?

Sustainability is a hot topic these days. There is an incentive to go green in every corner of the marketplace, if not for the sake of combating climate change, then for the financial advantages, or simply to keep up with modern fashion trends. The building industry is no exception.

Buildings contribute approximately 40 % of global energy usage per year, which puts them among the top priorities for developing and implementing sustainable practices. To quote Laustsen (2008), “the implications of such potential reduction [in the energy use by buildings] should not be underestimated, as the scale of energy efficiency in buildings is significant enough to influence security policy, climate preservation and public health on a national and global scale.” Continue reading

International Building Codes, Ventilation

How Are International Building Codes For Ventilation Being Adopted in Asia?

International building codes, the documents that regulate every step of a building’s life; from design and construction, through to energy efficiency and the quality of the air you breathe inside. International building codes affect almost everyone every day. Continue reading