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Building Better Businesses with Radiant Heating & Cooling: A Case Study Review

Looking to find innovative ways to boost employee productivity, save money and innovate business operations?

Learn how radiant heating and cooling improves the lives and productivity of employees, boosts corporate perception, and saves businesses money.

Discover real-world examples of how businesses and organizations incorporate radiant heating and cooling into their builds.

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Building Design, Radiant Cooling, Sustainable Building, Sustainable Design

Bangkok Airport: The World’s Largest Radiant Cooling System

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand is home to the world’s largest radiant cooling system. The developers used an Uponor system to cover an area of 150,000m² with underfloor panelling for the purpose of cooling the building.

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5 Tips for Architects on Designing the Office Space of the Future

It is easy for architects to get drawn into a fantastical daydream when thinking about future. Visions of a Star Wars-esk future with robots, space ships and holograms push creativity and design into the next dimension never mind the next level.

Technology is certainly a very important factor when designing and creating the future office but more fundamentally important than that is connection. The future office must enhance occupants experience, improve productivity and facilitate collaboration. The office of tomorrow must become an extension of the people who use and occupy it, its form must ultimately enhance its function.

Here are a few top tips for architects they should consider when designing the office space of the future.

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