BIM, HVAC Systems, Radiant Cooling

A BIM Analysis of HVAC and Radiant Cooling Solutions

One of the most important considerations when it comes to designing your building for optimal thermal comfort in the indoor climate, is choosing an indoor cooling solution that can meet those needs – together with meeting outlined energy efficiency and green building design goals.

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BIM, Sustainable Building, Sustainable Design

The Business Case for BIM to Sustainable Design

Building Information Modeling is a powerful tool for design and construction in the 21st century. Not only is there a strong case for BIM being an effective tool for sustainable design in the project planning of energy efficiency goals – particularly towards Zero Net Energy implementation in green buildings design that has identified that goal for their project – but also as a business consideration for effective cost saving, starting in the design phase.

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BIM, Energy Saving, Sustainable Building

A Step by Step Guide to Energy Efficiency for Green Buildings

One of the primary considerations for architects and designers in green building design is the energy efficiency of the building as a functioning whole – and of course of the individual design elements that make up the building. Energy efficiency is playing an ever more important role in buildings that aim towards particular sustainability goals, such as Zero Net Energy.

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BIM, Radiant Cooling, Sustainable Building

A Practical Introduction to Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the 21st century way of envisioning the success of an architectural project – before it gets underway. “If a building is worth building, it’s worth building twice,” they say. Once digitally, and thereafter as the intended project. Continue reading