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[Infographic] Best Pipes For Plumbing? PEX-a Pipes vs The Rest

Does your next project or home call for plumbing materials that meet the highest quality and safety standards? Whilst all metal pipe and plastic systems have their pros and cons, we firmly believe that PEX-a is the only choice you should be considering. Learn how this premium made plastic stacks up against PVC, copper, stainless steel and more in our infographic.

Even in the modern age we find ourselves in today, water quality is still an increasingly trending topic and major concern for consumers the world over.

From the 2015 water safety scare in Hong Kong to America’s Flint water crisis, the safety of water continues to make headlines. Although each case involved complex issues dealing with water distribution, the quality of pipes in homes and buildings were central to the problem.

Builders, engineers and plumbers have steadily become more mindful of consumer health and environmental concerns. The need to find a safe, yet cost-effective piping solution lies with the professionals.

But, with many different piping options to choose from, finding one which ticks all the proverbial boxes can be challenging.

That is until you take a closer look at cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX-a.

We created an infographic that compares PEX-a pipes and a variety of metal and plastic piping systems that explores the benefits and downfalls of each, in the ultimate hope of showcasing why PEX-a is the new benchmark in modern piping solutions available today.



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