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How A DOAS Combined with Radiant Cooling Can Solve Your HVAC Problems

Problems with your HVAC system can manifest in a range of ways, all of which are worthy of concern. Whether the problems are financial or comfort related, they need to be dealt with.

Fortunately, comprehensive research has shown that a DOAS combined with radiant cooling can help resolve your HVAC issues. Continue reading

DOAS, VAV Systems

How Can A DOAS and Radiant System Save You More Compared To A VAV System?

Change is not always easy. When it comes to HVAC systems, this sentiment certainly holds true. Conventional variable air volume (VAV) systems have been used for a very long time, which gives them the ‘tried and tested’ value.

However, technology advances quickly, and HVAC systems are no exception. While a conventional VAV system may seem appealing, it is outdated. In the field of HVAC, developments have produced “DOAS + Radiant” systems, which far outperform conventional VAV systems in almost every way. Continue reading

DOAS, Radiant Cooling

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose A DOAS Combined With Radiant Cooling For Your Next Project

There is a lot to consider when it comes to building design. Because of globalisation and fast paced technological advancement, building design is not just about being good, it is about being competitive and contemporary.

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DOAS, Radiant Cooling

How is a DOAS + Radiant System More Comfortable than a Conventional Forced-Air System?

Comfort is key. Being comfortable majorly improves performance and mental acuity.That is why HVAC systems are necessary – they should keep you comfortable, and thus, performing well.

However, not all HVAC systems are equal in their performance and functioning; some systems will be better than others, particularly in some climates. As I have mentioned previously, research is increasingly accumulating to show that the best HVAC system for efficiency, health, safety, and comfort, is the “DOAS + Radiant” system. Here, I will elaborate on why that is the case for comfort, i.e. how is a “DOAS + Radiant” system more comfortable than a conventional forced-air system? Continue reading

Indoor Air Quality

5 Ways You Can Improve Indoor Environmental Quality On A Budget

It’s not something that you necessarily put your finger on. Sometimes, when you are inside, you are comfortable, yet on some occasions, you can feel that there is something wrong – you are too hot, or there is an unpleasant odour, or there is too much ambient noise. The difference is indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Continue reading

Indoor Air Quality

What Do Indoor Air Quality Standards Look Like In Singapore?

Singapore, the tiny sovereign city-state with a population of only 5.6 million, and one of the most remarkable economies on the planet. When it comes to commerce, Singapore is in the top 10 of almost everything; 5th on the UN Human Development Index, 3rd highest GDP per capita, second most competitive country, and according to the World Economic Forum, the most ‘technology-ready’ nation on the planet.

It is the last accolade that forms the basis of discussing Singapore in particular in terms of building standards. Since 2005, Singapore has shown an incredible drive to develop and incorporate cutting edge technology into building design and functioning. This began with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore developing and releasing the Green Mark rating system for sustainability in buildings.However, the key milestone was in 2008, when Singapore became one of the first and only nations in the world to adopt mandatory ‘green’ building codes. Continue reading