Why using DOAS and radiant cooling in humid climates is best for you

All-Air systems are the most commonly used HVAC solution today. Architects and engineers, however, are now looking towards decoupled systems like Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) and radiant cooling to provide optimal comfort and reduce energy usage. These systems have traditionally been overlooked due to condensation concerns, capacity issues and the perceived higher costs of green building solutions.

The eBook shows that by comparison for use in commercial buildings in humid climates, when compared to conventional All-Air solutions, Air-and-Water (radiant & DOAS) solutions are:

  • Efficient at addressing and dealing with condensation
  • More cost effective as a result of reduced lifecycle costs
  • Greater thermal comfort to occupants
  • Greater architectural freedom due to the reduction in the number of air ducts required compared to All-Air systems
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of the building or provide more usable floor space, due to removal of ducts and subsequent decrease in ceiling height

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